Tribute to Afrojack

11 Jun

Start with this VERY peculiar video, then hit the jump for Afrojack greats. I suggest waiting for Big Boi to jump on the track for a hot second at about 2:00.

Love Afrojack? Check his 13th release after the jump!

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Adderall and Nicotine

11 Jun

Along my adventure at Dartmouth’s Green Key, I was lucky enough to meet Mr.Sage Rage, who I found to have fantastically similar musical taste as myself.

Sniped the newest this morning and sharing for your listening pleasure.

We Love Frat Basements

Classic Kaskade Remix

10 Jun

Thanks to a tip from @dansaenz, I’ll be adding this remix of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” to my collection.

Listen here.

Doss the Artist and the PGA Tour

8 Jun

I was lucky enough to meet some of these classmates of mine on Spring Break in Miami this year… I love/respect what they’re doing! Enjoy their new/free mixtape, Computer Blue by Doss the Artist and the Play Good Association and Hir-O.

Love this track, No Hesitation, Princess Peach.

Download it here/here fo’ free!

The Wayne Has Come

6 Jun

The Wayne Has Come: Lil Wayne/Pretty Lights

This is chill.

I Love Twitter

6 Jun


Thanks, @bigfishsticks

Hold Up Your Hand

5 Jun

Roisin Murphy/Crookers- Hold Up Your Hand

Download here/here.

Just into it.