Curious Nonsense

30 Dec

To Web Friends, Music Lovers, Sports Enthusiasts, Dreamers, and Wonderland Dwellers…

You have stumbled upon what I like to call my “trial run.” I am not a blogger by any means- more just a girl with some passions and a penchant for writing.

I’m not really sure how to even go about this, so for now, I’ll keep to my semi-structured thought process… so, keep your eyes peeled for consistency:

We're all mad here

The Mad Tea Party

The Mad Tea Party: Music series. Look for new trance and house beats, hip hop tracks, throwback favorites and pop songs I’m embarrassed I love to end your week and kick off the madness.

The Queen's Croquet Ground

Flamingos and Hedgehogs

Flamingos and Hedgehogs: Sports series. A football fanatic by nature, I’ll probably keep up with this one more during football season, but look for Monday-Tuesday power plays and blunders. And don’t mind my opinions on College Basketball- I’m new!

After a fall such as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling downstairs!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole: Musings, ramblings, memories and social commentary. Beware: most of what I say is, truly, nonsense.

So, with that- all I can do is start at the beginning, and when I get to the end… stop.

Live the madness-



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