2010 in Beats

2 Jan

2010 Music Predictions:
House music and electronic beats have been around forever, and yours truly has been bumping Louie DeVito and NYC Underground since my age became a double digits. Now with platinum popstars sampling electronic beats in their charttopping hits (Akon/Guetta, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull…), club music is making a lifestyle mark. Look out for a paradigm shift, my friends. Goodbye AM/Tiesto beats of old… welcome to 2010! With beats so easily mashed with hip hop and faster-paced rock, house is about to bumping clubs, dorms and households across America.

That being said- there’s a solid outlook for upcoming 2010 albums (see below). All I can say for sure is that this year for music is gonna be twistedddd.

Upcoming Feature: Broken Bells

Shins plus Danger Mouse

Broken Bells

Danger Mouse and James Mercer from the Shins collab and BOOM! Broken Bells- Oh, Inverted World does the Grey Album, you ask? But n0- these two brilliant men decided to get together and create something entirely new. Rolling Stone says it won’t be a Shins CD produced by Danger Mouse, but in fact a true meeting of the minds to birth “sounds that might’ve been beamed in from another dimension, one where electronica textures collide with psychedelic harpsichords and eerie Pet Sounds harmonies.” With the hype of late surrounding indie music and trippy beats, Broken Bells might make a serious mark.

I for one am looking forward to their new album (released in stores in March), self titled Broken Bells.

Check their single, The High Road, released early December. If it’s any indication of the rest of the album, its great looks…


Other album releases to look forward to:
Lil Jon- Crunk Rock?!
U2’s Remix Album
Ke$ha (leaked)
Peter Gabriel
The Shins


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