Child, please.

2 Jan

Despite my interminable love for Wes Welker and deep-rooted faith in Wilfork and Brady, the Pats might be better off benching their best players for tomorrow’s game v. the Texans.  Not much is on the line, since we clinched the division last week, and we need all the all stars we can get once the playoffs are underway. Brady’s listed as limited, Welker and Moss as probable, and Wilfork and Warren were limited in practice. What with the pieces falling into place just at the right time and our less-than-impressive performance last week v Jacksonville, it’s probably best to rest up our big names and get some injuries out of the way before the postseason.

More interestingly AFC this week: Miami v. Pitt! The great Six-Burgh has had a pitiful performance this season, but they’re still hanging by a thread for playoff hopes. They’re only 2-5 on the road this year, and up against a team also vying for a postseason spot. Based on play this season, the teams are pretty well matched this weekend… it really comes down to everyone else’s losses. Miami needs 4 teams to lose; Pitt needs 3- but if the Pats hang back and let the Texans go for it, they’re both still in a pinch. This is one game I’ll definitely be tuning into. The downside? I don’t know who I want to lose this one more.

Another weekend matchup I’m looking forward to: Eagles-Cowboys. Both are already in the playoffs, but this game is a fight for a playoff game at home and last year’s Week 17 lost pride. Particularly interested in seeing DeSean Jackson’s peformance, and Eagle’s blitz defense v. Tony Romo, one of my least favorite QB’s in the NFL.

I’ll probably check out the Jets-Bengals game for at least a bit. Ochocinco/Chad Childplease/Esteban 85 has been tweeting at Revis all week, and it should be amusing to see how Revis does in OchoWorld. Not like this trash talk is out of the ordinary for everyone’s favorite black Mexican, but Revis is one of the best CB’s in the NFL, and probably out for blood now that Ocho’s hyped their matchup up all week. On the flip side, Ocho’s top notch himself, and hard to cover 1 on 1… we’ll see!

Kills me every time.


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