Boots with the Fur

6 Jan

While I was browsing AHH today at work, it hit me: celebrities, particularly hip hop and alternative/indie artists, really do influence the way I dress, however indirectly. Is it the suburban white girl in me rebelling? That innate desire to stray from J Crew and pearls and opt for skinny jeans and a L.A.M.B. sweatshirt? Or am I just drawn to the neons, patterns and conversation pieces of spotlight celebs?

I’m not sure I’ll ever know the answer… but I do know you’ll sure as hell never see me in this.

For all you style freaks and celeb fanatics out there: here’s some of my newly-realized favorite fashion icons of late.




Even though Cosmo “doubts this is what the Romans wore with their gladiator sandals,” I beg to differ. Cosmo, I doubt that you’ve had any articles with different content except the headlines since 1990. M.I.A. looks sick.

Fact: Lady Gaga is overplayed
Fact: Lady Gaga is outrageous.
Fact(?): Lady Gaga might have one of each….
Fact: Lady Gaga is a fashion icon- even if you wear pants.

She might be one of the world’s most unattractive human beings, but let’s face it: she’s good at distracting from her natural features. Whether it be the wild hairstyles, the bloodred lips or the clothes straight out of the Jetsons… Gaga’s got it. All I wanna know is what she wears around the house- cuz you know it’s not Champion sweats.


Lady Gaga

Kanye: BAPE

All over the news (and all caps on Twitter) lately: Kanye West, the new comeback kid, and everyone’s favorite hater, posing for BAPE. Despite the hype, good or bad, I gotta admit: Kayne’s looking fly, and as a lifelong fan of the Bathing Ape, the set up is hot.


Kanye for BAPE

As for urban brands I’ll never not buy?
Married to the Mob

So- go shopping!
Just….. none of this. We don’t need the visual.


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz





One Response to “Boots with the Fur”

  1. Annette January 7, 2010 at 12:45 am #

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!šŸ™‚. I’ll go and read some more!

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