Celebs do Social Responsibility

14 Jan

The people I admire most are generous with their money, which is I think what I would do had I millions of dollars with which I’d otherwise spend on perfect tans under St. Barth’s sunbeams and a wardrobe consisting mainly of Michael Kors clothes and one-of-a-kind boutique jewelry from around the world.

While politicians debate how the deaths of over 100,000 people and thousands of escaped prisoners could mend US-Haiti relations (despite the fact that we ruined their infrastructure in the first place), celebrities with hearts are doing everything I wish I had the cash to do- sending help.

Among these benevolent few:
Tom and Gisele
Angelina and Brad
Ray J
Wyclef Jean (who tweets re: #haiti) constantly
Lance Armstrong
The New York Yankees (and rarely will I credit them for anything, but that’s huge)
Chris Martin
and a whole damn ton of other celeb quick-responders who are still anonymous.

“We need a state of emergency… we spent the day picking up bodies.”

Props to celeb tweeters, urging their fans to donate to the cause, and (not that I was ever really offended in the first place, but) I will forgive Tiger Woods for all his little mishaps if he donates the $3 million he’s considering as a contribution.

Here’s to the speedy recovery of a broken nation, and cheers to those who can and do help.

(Text to 501-501 YELE and donate $5 to Haitian Relief)


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