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15 Jan

With Deen Pees out as the Pats defensive coordinator, things could (possibly) be looking up for my beloved football team. I can’t say that I’m disappointed- Pats defense just isn’t there like it used to be, and even if there weren’t a controversy about him leaving (was he fired? was his contract up? did he quit?)- the change will be a huge deal for the team.

The guy’s an awful coach- he’s too conservative with the defense and even so-so teams ran circles around us. Where’s the man to man coverage? Do we ever blitz?

Answer: no. But from the looks of things, Patriots defense is making a serious change in the offseason. Besides Pees leaving, Jr. Seau is once again retiring, and just in case you hadn’t heart yet: powerhouse Vince Wilfork doesn’t really care what team he plays for (but cross his heart hope to die it’s the Pats!!!), so long as it’s a long term contract. We can only hope the change is for the best.

I was listening to sports radio today, don’t ask me why, but touched upon a few questions I’m not sure quite how I want to answer just yet re: the AFC wild card weekend tragedy:

1. Do we need to start looking for a replacement for Tom Brady?
Answer: unsure. Three weeks ago he played a perfect game against the Jaguars, and his comeback this season has been stellar. However- the AFC game was possibly the worst of his entire career, and when do you ever see him hang his head on the sidelines? The fact of the matter is: Brady is 33. He’s now a daddy and married to a historically-renowned Vickie’s Secret model. And as much as no one wants to see him go- how many more years can he have in him? I wouldn’t say there should be a replacement for the upcoming season, but it might be a good time to start training the next dynasty ruler.
Scouting Reports say Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford, and Colt McCoy will be snapped up in the first two rounds. Pats might want to go with someone like Sean Canfield- he’s decent now but with a season of practice under his belt he could be a great starter once Brady puts his arm to rest.

2. Is coaching just getting old for Belichick?
Answer: I don’t think so. He’s versatile, and just watching him is proof enough his heart is still in the game. A lot of people put the Pats’ worst games this season on Mr. Hoodie- I say it’s not all on the big man. With the exception of a couple of admittedly bad calls on his part, I think like any great coach, he’ll be around for seasons to come.


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