M.I.A. Is Down Like Your Internet Connection

20 Jan

After a short hiatus, M.I.A. is coming back– with a follow up album to Kala!

Despite how not-sick of Paper Planes I am, even considering its nonstop appearance in movies and on tracks for the past two years, it’ll be good to hear what she’s come up with for a “new sound.” She promises new beats and songs where she both raps AND sings- aiming for a less “hipster” audience by teaming up with Blaqstarr (and Verizon Tech Support?) for production.**

M.I.A. at Bonnaroo in 08

M.I.A. at Bonnaroo in

Album isn’t yet titled, but I’m looking forward to track “I’m Down Like Your Internet Connection”- a collab with Filipino Verizon Workers singing over the phone lines. Once again, M.I.A. you have taken outrageous to a new level.

Mango Pickle Down River- M.I.A. (ft. Wilcannia Mob)
This one goes out to you @princessmiaaaa

** Shouts to Verizon Tech Support, with whom I’m very close- Richie wherever you are my fave TS guy, thanks for the movie suggestions and the 80’s Party Costume ideas!


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