Valleys of Neptune

20 Jan

Sony Music announcement:

New Jimi Hendrix album released March 9th!

How, you ask, will a guitarist 40 years dead release new songs? As someone who never understood the posthumous record industry, this, I cannot answer, but apparently dozens of unreleased recordings have been in existence at the Hendrix estate since my parents graduated from high school. Rolling Stone calls it a good move for Sony when new CD release sales are down… and from my own more personal opinions, I think some Hendrix descendents are looking to replenish their big spending over the past 40 years.

HendrixWhatever the reason- the man best known for his burning rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” will have new songs hitting stores this March. My deeply vested interest in 60’s counterculture is interested, and I think my generation’s obsession with nostalgia has been pricked. There are no “defining” characteristics of the MTV Generation, except that we like to party, and we love excess. Plus- everything of late is so disposable, I’m not sure anything can be as “timeless” as the rock and roll greats of lore.

They were visionaries and talented musicians; fighters and advocates; crooners and shredders during a time of dynamic social change in the US. Jimi’s new album, with music expressing frustration as it was felt among all, will hopefully inspire a spirit of more than just fame in upcoming artists. We need some real soul back in the industry.

If 6 was 9- Jimi Hendrix


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