Mad Tea Party: Enter The Magical Mystery Chamber

22 Jan

Like many music fans, I have mixed feelings about mashups. On the one hand, you have to have some sort of ear to pick two songs and splice them up to flow in any sort of sensible way; on the other hand, pretty much anyone with Garage Band and an extensive iTunes collection can take a stab at it.  Then there’s the question of musical integrity- for instance, do you think the Beatles really wanted their jams mashed up with Wu Tang?

Despite this- mashups are an unavoidable phenomenon, and when two songs you’re sort of sick of appear together fused into some sort of sweet electronic harmony of sounds, it’s always a personal triumph.

So, for your listening pleasure….

Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers

Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers, a strange fusion of Beatles and Wu Tang, reminiscent of the Grey Album and Shaggy’s “Let It Be Me”. Grab the album, released early January, for free here.

Plus, for the Cure fans everywhere…

Not my favorite… but not so bad,,,


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