Shake Me Like a Monkey: DMB for Album of the Year?

22 Jan

I’ve never been big on awards shows- I don’t really see the big deal, and it’s rare that I agree with any of the winners… but it’s inevitable- January and February are awards season- and everyone is buzzing.

Countdown to the Grammys? 9 Days, 18 Hours.

Why I care?

For the first time since I was two, or more significantly, since they started playing music, the Dave Matthews Band has been nominated for a Big Four Grammy- Album of the Year.


In New England, it’s taboo to NOT like DMB- you might as well have leprosy, or a bad case of the chicken pox, because suddenly you’re just a little less cool, you know? But, admittedly, I don’t blame the reaction. Besides maybe U2, the Dave Matthews Band is up there with the modern classics. With no Led Zeppelins, Van Morrissons or even Notorious B.I.G.’s producing timeless music, DMB has lasted two generations on the chart… their sound even remains organic, despite the studio appeal and cultish fanbase the band pulls in. Plus- as much as I respect the beat, there’s not much to be said for true, modern musical artists. There’d be nothing that would make me happier if the 52nd annual best album of the year was Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King.

DMB’s been nominated before- a number of times- but never for a Big Four award, and never actually had a chance. The album isn’t necessarily new sounding, in Dave Matthews terms- Dave’s poetic vocals over relaxed guitar riffs, smooth sax, light drum beats and a lil bit of banjo strummin. That funk feel, with some blasting horns and kickin cymbals, Dave howling with a strange, tree-hugging sex appeal… DMB is pop culture’s symphony orchestra, because unless you’re at Carnegie Hall, about zero collections of talented musicians attract a crowd like these guys.

So, for all you Dave haters in the world- stop pretending, give in! Everyone loves them because, well- they’re undoubtedly the top five musicians of our era, and their subtle sexy lyrics (i like my coffee with toast and jelly but i’d rather be licking from your back to your belly, shake me like a monkey) make you wanna hear just a little more.

So, fingers crossed for DMB… and til then, Shake Me Like a Monkey


2 Responses to “Shake Me Like a Monkey: DMB for Album of the Year?”

  1. thekidc January 22, 2010 at 3:28 am #

    I would disagree with a lot of this…

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