WMC 2010… Ultra Fantastic, Day 1.

13 Apr

For three years, my roommate kirbstompp and I have been talking about making it to WMC. This year, when Ultra Music Festival in Miami just HAPPENED to fall on the first weekend of our Spring Break… things got weird.

Was it the best thing to happen to me in my entire life?
Do I wish my life was one great WMC?
Will I be going back next year, when Ultra is not two, but THREE days of pure bliss?
The ultimate YES.

Welcome to Ultra!

We started the first day by hopping on the metrorail from UMiami, where we stayed, to the station near the venue. We had a group of 6… three stayed behind, continuing a pregame ragefest, but we couldn’t wait to get there! We ended up arriving at 6, right before Passion Pit came on.

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They were incredible, to say the least. We ran into some friends from school there, and once The Reeling came on, we knew the weekend would be the time of our lives.

Soon after, we met up with our friends. We (reluctantly) walked over to the SpaceIbiza stage for will.i.am to make sure we got a good spot for Eric Prydz… and turns out we liked will.i.am WAY better. His performance was a crowd pleaser, and even though he played some sorts that definitely irk me, Eric Prydz didn’t even play Call on Me… his most famous track.

Check this youtube I found of will.i.am… and wish you were there with me.

After about a half an hour of Eric Prydz frustration, we moved on to LMFAO at 8:30 back at the Main Stage. On principle, I disagree with LMFAO… I’m In Miami took club music too mainstream, ruined it a little, but on the other hand, something so big can’t lose its underground touch despite how much everyone loves “Shots”. Including me.

9 pm; Guetta on the Main Stage. Amazing show, great energy, incredible crowd, and we managed to make our way to the front with surprising ease. Favorite? When Love Takes Over. Light show was also incredible. He did a great mix with will.i.am as well!

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Finally, the last show of the night at 10: TIESTO. I saw Tiesto two summers ago in Hartford, CT, and thought I knew what to expect. So wrong. He played everything I wanted and more… and if I thought I couldn’t stop listening to Escape Me before the show, it’s now officially the only thing ever played on my iTunes.

All in all, Day 1 was a success. Six straight hours of dancing, screaming, singing, glow sticks, neons, and kids in weird outfits… and still one day to go. I wasn’t sure it could ever live up…


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