His Fratness is kind of a bitch.

16 Apr

In honor of Stoolapalooza tonight in Providence, I thought I might do a little ode to Sammy Adams today. Lucky for me- the fates aligned! I stumbled across this “Tiesto Beat Freestyle” that’s been leaking around the internet recently, and like much of what Sammy Adams does- it’s pretty generic. In fact I’m not sure I’d stretch to say that SA excels at much else but good looks.

Also, after reading this article I just became generally more displeased with the guy, despite his entrepreneurial ventures. That being said, maybe I won’t waste the $10 cab downtown to stroke his clearly overblown ego.

Regard this vid: SA, like your clothes but please stop shaking your weed in my face if you’re not going to share it, and your friend with the camera is kind of creepy.

If you too are annoyed by his generally ignorant attitude and his friend’s camera effects at the end, you can download the 40 seconds of greatness here, for free, out of spite for His Fratness’s money hungry bitchassness.

See you at Stoolapalooza.


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