On Repeat: Phantogram

16 Apr

Not like this is anything new (their self-titled EP premiered in late 2009 and their full length album, Eyelid Movies, dropped in February), but I happened to stumble on Phantogram this week thanks to a Spring Break Incident.*

The vibe is very Rilo Kiley does Jefferson Airplane does a Tarantino movie… and it makes sense. A phantogram, by definition, is an optical illusion, a visual distortion of a 2D image to make it appear  3D. The band does the same thing- at first glance, you’re expecting nothing but your usual Yeasayer type indie rock, then they hit you with addictive beats and musically sound riffs uncharacteristic of the indie genre. Not to mention singer Sarah Barthel’s voice is like a gypsy, or a siren, or a hypnotist.

Enjoy “When I’m Small,” my favorite track off their album.

Download link to come.

*The Spring Break Incident refers to a life pattern of coincidences as a result of me being overly friendly while intoxicated. This Spring Break, I sparked a friendship with a fellow music lover, who just happens to feed me tracks I love. Viva bar-side makeouts forever.


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