“Stamp of Approval” gets my stamp of approval

21 Apr

One time I had a Spring Break Incident that resulted in some great new tunes.

Lucky for me, the SBI struck again today, when I was cruising through a site he sent my way… “The Stamp of Approval”

1st Klass

I clicked this link off someone’s myspace page, a person who was self promoting hard, and am usually totally unimpressed by people who push their own shit (everyone’s AWESOME, yeah?)

There is a first time for everything.

1st Klass defies the odds of being able to sample both Rihanna’s “Hard” and Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock” while not offending the original songs’ qualities. Their flow is by no means lame, and the songs they sample are chart-toppers, giving them an automatic edge. My only complaint? Some songs over-sample… “I Wanna Rock” is a good example of this, and “All the Way Turnt Up.” Otherwise- this is one mixtape worth checking out. It’s got the all the elements of a CD I’d listen to all the way through.

Favorite track? “Angels.” Sorry I can’t drop a preview… but click below and you’re there… I promise you won’t hate it.


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