The Motherfudgin’ Jam: Drankenstein

27 Apr

Welcome to more free mixtapes that you wanna know and love. I’d like to extend a thanks to Mr. Bird Peterson for taking my two favorite things in the whole world (trance beats, Southern hip hop) and creating 15 heavenly tracks to celebrate my last full week of classes. I love this guy.

Bird P

Get To It- Bird Peterson

Bird Peterson-Get to It.mp3

[download the mixtape here]

Bird P on Drankenstein: “It’s based on an idea I started working with when i created the Dope Boys remix for Diplo’s recent Guccimane mix. This is my amalgamation of two trends i’ve always loved: the dirty south and the use of trance synths in current rap. Here I have taken 15 or so of my favorite southern rap songs and 15 or so of my favorite trance synth lines to create something thats not corny or funny, it’s simply the motherfudgin’ jam!”*


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