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Doss the Artist and the PGA Tour

8 Jun

I was lucky enough to meet some of these classmates of mine on Spring Break in Miami this year… I love/respect what they’re doing! Enjoy their new/free mixtape, Computer Blue by Doss the Artist and the Play Good Association and Hir-O.

Love this track, No Hesitation, Princess Peach.

Download it here/here fo’ free!


Oh rly, Kanye?

4 Jun

Stay (auto)tuned if Kanye is over being bape-d and overrated….

Kanye ft. Dwele- Power

Twins? Collabs?

4 Jun

tOn my ten hour work day, this is the best possible way to end it.

Thank you, GMAD.

Download here.

Holy Hippie

17 May

Custom painted Rolls Royce by Friends by you for N.E.R.D.’s newest video, “Hot N Fun.”


I wish this was my life.


More than anything in the world.


Someone get me that car.

Fa. Bo. Lo. Us.

13 May

I missed Fabolous. A longtime favorite since my J.Lo jeans, womens basketball jersey wearing middle school days, I thought Fab (much like Nelly) had just fallen off the radar.

Not anymore. I love everything about this song, even the girl in the beginning that I thought I would hate by the end of it. Enjoy!


Hurry Up and Wait

11 May

“We eat beats each week here’s your entree”



SoCal Murs has always been a personal favorite hip hop artist of mine; at one point his Break Up (The OJ Song) was top 25 most played on my iTunes. That’s why when I see him as a featured on a track, I always jump at the chance to listen.

Found this new Nocando jam on goodmusicallday, now on repeat for the day in the library… thanks!

Nocando (ft. Murs, Intuition, Open Mike Eagle, Dumfounded)- Hurry Up and Wait Remix || download

I’m Not Scared Either, Em

30 Apr

As you might have found out from The Bomb Track recently, everyone’s favorite white rapper Eminem has a new album coming up, Recovery.

As much as I’m not into Em, I do respect the guy… he’s got a way with the words that’s totally unexpected and he’s loved by the best rappers out there. Checked out his first single and I’m pretty into it… looks like Em is back! The only think I’M afraid of is my roommate playing 8 Mile to fall asleep every night again…

Sorry for the youtube… someone’s getting lazy uploading mp3’s
Download Here

PS- does anyone think Recovery is a little bit reminiscient of Lil Wayne’s Rebirth? Just sayin…