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Doss the Artist and the PGA Tour

8 Jun

I was lucky enough to meet some of these classmates of mine on Spring Break in Miami this year… I love/respect what they’re doing! Enjoy their new/free mixtape, Computer Blue by Doss the Artist and the Play Good Association and Hir-O.

Love this track, No Hesitation, Princess Peach.

Download it here/here fo’ free!


Congrats, Boys!

27 Apr

What’s up, Ivy League? Congrats to two major cuties, Dave and Bobby, for their upcoming stints with the Tennessee Titans!

Big Dave, ‘09.5 is a DE and also a Rhodes scholar (wut?) and was the Titan’s last draft pick. Bobby, ’10 WR, signed a free agent contract.

Shouts to Jimmy Develin and Buddy Farnham as well, who will be going to minicamps.

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