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Tribute to Afrojack

11 Jun

Start with this VERY peculiar video, then hit the jump for Afrojack greats. I suggest waiting for Big Boi to jump on the track for a hot second at about 2:00.

Love Afrojack? Check his 13th release after the jump!

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Bieber 4 Lyfe

3 Jun

Just kidding…

Not that I’m into the whole little boys this, and I definitely am not a huge Bieber fan, but this remix is kind of cool, and catchy. Sorry it’s not the newest, but it’s definitely my playingest!

Too bad Biebs is gonna be hate himself when his voice changes.

Heartbreaker (CJ Milli Remix)- Justin Bieber x MSTRKRFT

Download here/here.

Louder than Words

23 May

Last night at the bar during my usual chat with the DJ he offered to play me a new collab of Guetta and Afrojack.

Serious crowd pleaser… typical Guetta beats with Afrojack’s more mainstream style. The beat drop at around 4:30 is epic.

Good God.

14 May

Why I didn’t know about this the second it came out last week is a huge mystery to me.

Obviously nothing could make me happier than a collaboration of two of my favorite DJ’s of all time, and two of the first DJ’s to really get me into music all together.

Mostly for my own personal benefit, I’ve ripped off this youtube someone took of it live at Ultra, since I clearly wasn’t smart enough to at the time. :enter nostalgia:

And for high quality happiness… stay tuned! Slow internet means slow uploads.

Til then, it’s available for download on Beatport

Even better? This Dave Wrangler fellow mashed their beat with Biggie. Watch out, summer club scene… this may be everywhere and then some.

The only thing that could be better would be a collab of Tiesto, Diplo and the mau5. Then, I could die happy.