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Tribute to Afrojack

11 Jun

Start with this VERY peculiar video, then hit the jump for Afrojack greats. I suggest waiting for Big Boi to jump on the track for a hot second at about 2:00.

Love Afrojack? Check his 13th release after the jump!

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Classic Kaskade Remix

10 Jun

Thanks to a tip from @dansaenz, I’ll be adding this remix of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” to my collection.

Listen here.

WMC 2010- Ultra Fantastic, Day 2

13 Apr

The six of us finally rolled out of bed for day 2 of Ultra around 11 am. The day was supposed to start at 12, but we knew we wouldn’t make it, and ended up hopping on the metro just before 3 to get there in time for our top choice shows.

We hadn’t hit inside the Heineken domes yet and knew they’d be worth checking out, so we headed over there first.

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The Raviest.

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WMC 2010… Ultra Fantastic, Day 1.

13 Apr

For three years, my roommate kirbstompp and I have been talking about making it to WMC. This year, when Ultra Music Festival in Miami just HAPPENED to fall on the first weekend of our Spring Break… things got weird.

Was it the best thing to happen to me in my entire life?
Do I wish my life was one great WMC?
Will I be going back next year, when Ultra is not two, but THREE days of pure bliss?
The ultimate YES.

Welcome to Ultra!

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