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The Wayne Has Come

6 Jun

The Wayne Has Come: Lil Wayne/Pretty Lights

This is chill.


Bye-Bye Sasha Fierce…

22 Jan

… hello baby HOVA?

Well, not really, but maybe in the future. Having done away with her creative alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, B’s warming up to the idea of a baby Jay-Z to complete their $122 million lifestyle. If they do decide to procreate, the kid would not only be fly as ever, but be lucky enough to have some seriously low key celeb ‘rents.

Jay Z and B

B says she wants to take time of from the studio to relax, and Jay-Z seems to just work on a whim as it is. It’s just too bad Jay isn’t as lyrical as Weezy, right?

An Ode to the Beat

14 Jan

As long as I can remember, I’ve never liked a song without a good beat- gouging my eyes out in the doctor’s office listening to soft rock; even the best slowjams (think: All My Life KC and Jojo?) bore me to tears. For me, good music inspires life- whether it’s a catchy drum riff, a Motown bass line or a kickin’ house beat, a good song’s gotta get my blood moving and my fingers tapping.

Driving home from Vermont earlier this week, my iPod died- a tragedy forcing your fearless writer to brave the uncharted territories of the FM waves… while I cruised through the stations, though, I got into a regular music groove- something I’m only used to on my favorite playlists. I realized, then, speeding on snowy mountain roads and fearing for my life, that good beats are what makes me (and most people I know) tick.

It’s history- tribes around the world use drum beats to tell stories, hold rituals, or signal war. Revolution-era Americans used drums for rowing large ships, or ordering troops on the front lines to fire. Even university bands (re: Drum Line, if I must) use beats to rouse the crowds: built in metronomes and added acoustic power.

So, dear readers, please enjoy: an ode to head bobblingly, toe tappingly genre-spanning beats inspired by my long drive and worthy of noting right here.

Motown was created for mass appeal- and for good reason, since crossing cultural and racial barriers in the early 90’s was a Sisyphean task in all arenas. But the “Motown sound”- heavy back beats, rich vocals and bass lines that make you shake your bootay- caught the ears of record labels everywhere, and took off like wildfire. Stevie Wonder- bring the soul.
Superstition- Stevie Wonder || download

Just… the drum breaks. That is all.

I’m Glad You’re Mine-Al Green || download
Of note: Robin Thicke samples this in his Mahogany, which is really worth listening to if you’re a Robin Thicke fan- the guy is practically the Al Green of our time; toss him on a playlist with a little Musiq Soulchild and you got yourself some all night grooves.

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A Tribute to the 00’s- No Bitch Ass Ness

31 Dec

In the year 2000, I was in the sixth grade… thinking back to my 11 year old self, desperately in need of braces and a wardrobe update, even then I was a mix tape (mix CD?) fiend. I’ve been looking through them lately, perhaps because the Y2K decade is over, but also out of sick nostalgia desperation and the need to get my pack-rat self cleaned out of my room at home.

I like to think about my experience in the 2000’s in the form of “eras” and “moments.” Instead of bore you with the gory details of my unfortunate, “finding myself” years, I’ve picked my top 10 favorite songs, artists or albums of the decade (in no particular order).


Don’t deny it, because you know it’s true: Usher has taken we children of the MTV Generation through our most important milestones. For me? “U Got it Bad” came in a love letter from one of my middle school boyfriends. “I Need a Girl, Part I” is still on some of my playlists. Confessions… the birth of “Yeah!,” which as a college student I still listen to on the weekends, even though I was grinding to it at the YMCA age 13 wearing Vans, J.Lo’s GLO Jeans and a basketball jersey. Plus, “Love in this Club” practically defines my freshman year of college… and the video was HOT.

My friends, let “Ursher” remain a vocal beacon of hope for our younger siblings and future children: who else will be crooning them through their teenage faux pas?

Club Anthems

I don’t really know if I could even pick one song, album or artist to reallllly define the decade for me… all I know is that dance music made a beeline from Europe to the US and started a revolution. Some top favorites?

Eric Prydz- Call on Me; Benny Benassi- Rocket in the Sky, Feel Alive and Satisfaction; September- Cry for You; DJ Antoine- This Time (Klaas Remix); Tiesto- In the Dark ft. Christian Burns; Kaskade- Move for Me; Deadmau5- Ghosts N Stuff, Supermode- Tell Me Why; Daft Punk- One More Time; Memory- Fragma; Utah Saints- Somethin’ Good ’08; ATB- Ecstacy; Ultra DJ’s- Me & You; Fedde le Grand- Put Your Hands Up For Detroit; Armand Van Helden- I Want Your Soul; Louie DeVito- Take Me Away

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix has been a great, and clearly recent, addition to my music library. “1901” makes life feel ok, “Lisztomania” is upbeat as ever (and there are some great remixes out there) and “Love Like a Sunset” is just heady enough to be meditative but just poppy enough to keep your attention.

Disclaimer: thanks to LM for introducing me; to this, to Junior Boys’ “Hazel” and to “Young Adult Friction” by the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Indie-pop at it’s best, and guaranteed appearances on every playlist I’ve made since spring semester.

“Electric Feel”- MGMT

Despite the fact that MGMT is one of the most sampled artists of the year, “Electric Feel” will always be close to my heart. To OMK, MSF, PCR, KCC, JJA. ML and CC: never a cooler experience in my life. To the rest of you: check the vid, turn up the volume, close your eyes, and imagine your own metallic, transcendental trip through counterculture.


Sometimes, I don’t think he’s kidding when he says he’ll make the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can. Early 00’s rap battles; The Black Album and The Blueprints; Def Jam; Beyonce… the man’s an entrepreneur, an ex-con and a Gen Y household name. Brush the dirt of your shoulder, Jay-Z… you really have done it all.

Jim Jones: “We Fly High (Ballin!)”

Some of my favorite gems of the decade, these two musical treasures bring a new meaning to “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.” But really- high school was infinitely better for everyone once we all had common ground- suddenly, ANYONE could ball out of control.

thanks, jim jones


Thank you, Jim Jones, for making us all ballers, and for teaching me to hit three-pointers like Kobe himself.

Blink 182

There’s something to be said, I think, for three grown men maturing at about the same rate as my eleven year old self. I wasn’t even allowed to buy The Mark, Tom and Travis Show when it came out because my dad thought it was too inappropriate… “All the Small Things” is like the “Don’t Stop Believin'” of our generation. Their melodies were always punk-poppy, their lyrics never less lovelorn- but slow passage past puberty led me right through my own.

“Get Low”- Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boys

OMK- this one’s for you. Not to say that this was the most musically-sound tune of the decade- but it sure was one of the most memorable. Props to Lil’ Jon for literally hyping his way to number one more than anyone ever thought possible.




Timeless- and perhaps one of the “best bands of all time.” Plus not only is their music great, but they might have the best PR of any timeless band, ever. Frightfully socially responsible, and the only thing they’ve gotten wrong in the past 30 years is how to count in Spanish. This is one band that should never be left off the list.

Lil’ Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter will be kicking off 2010 in an orange jumpsuit, but pop culture’s most famous sellout can now officially remove the stigma of “Studio G.” The 00’s took Weezy F. Baby straight to the top- every chart-topping artist has had Wayne on a song this decade, he has his own documentary and an ESPN sports blog, and even Obama has referenced the guy in public address. Plus, he loves free music as much as we do! Look at Rebirth– he’s been leaking the thing for almost a year. The point is, there’s never been a musical artist out there that literally never stops recording his stuff- it’s an all day every day affair for Weezy, and all his jailtime can really offer is another arena where he can freestyle all day. He’ll probably pick up a few hype men while he’s at it.

weezy f baby

Tha Carter

Wayne- thanks for selling out, without your endless flow of beats and rhymes, the 00’s wouldn’t have been the same.

Runner Up:

Eamon: Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back) SP- this one goes out to you. Despite the looks of things, you and I both know this fantastic epithet isn’t pointed in your direction. HOWEVER- our oddly aligned, adolescent dating experiences brought us together (well, that and a sketchy Best Western), and this song will always remind me of you. Also on our friendship playlist: Blake Shelton’s “Nobody But Me” during your school janitor days, and our very own personal “Waking Up in Vegas,” Myrtle Beach style. Hey, the guy’s a one-hit wonder- but in the most A.D.D. era of all time, a girl can’t hate it. Plus, his ex made herself famous with “Fuck You Right Back,” AND he got a Guinness World Record for Most Expletives Used in a Number One Song. Good enough for me.

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