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Adderall and Nicotine

11 Jun

Along my adventure at Dartmouth’s Green Key, I was lucky enough to meet Mr.Sage Rage, who I found to have fantastically similar musical taste as myself.

Sniped the newest this morning and sharing for your listening pleasure.

We Love Frat Basements


The Wayne Has Come

6 Jun

The Wayne Has Come: Lil Wayne/Pretty Lights

This is chill.

Good God.

14 May

Why I didn’t know about this the second it came out last week is a huge mystery to me.

Obviously nothing could make me happier than a collaboration of two of my favorite DJ’s of all time, and two of the first DJ’s to really get me into music all together.

Mostly for my own personal benefit, I’ve ripped off this youtube someone took of it live at Ultra, since I clearly wasn’t smart enough to at the time. :enter nostalgia:

And for high quality happiness… stay tuned! Slow internet means slow uploads.

Til then, it’s available for download on Beatport

Even better? This Dave Wrangler fellow mashed their beat with Biggie. Watch out, summer club scene… this may be everywhere and then some.

The only thing that could be better would be a collab of Tiesto, Diplo and the mau5. Then, I could die happy.

Generic Plugging

13 May

The internet is a wonderful thing.

Much love for La Main Noire… and their mashups. Go there!

Please enjoy. Journal 24 is great.

…cross your fingers a Fabo mashup makes it here soon šŸ™‚

DJs from Mars… capturing humans at will for their own sinister purposes

17 Apr

Yesterday I posted the DJs from MarsEnter Telephone” mashup. I liked it a lot, but didn’t even think to look up these alien DJs- clearly, I should have, because I stumbled on not one but TWO remixes I loved by them entirely by accident today and now I’m impressed.

Revolution Radio- DJs from Mars || Download

Rhythm is a Gangsta- DJs from Mars || Download

Love to.

Mad Tea Party: Enter The Magical Mystery Chamber

22 Jan

Like many music fans, I have mixed feelings about mashups. On the one hand, you have to have some sort of ear to pick two songs and splice them up to flow in any sort of sensible way; on the other hand, pretty much anyone with Garage Band and an extensive iTunes collection can take a stab at it.  Then there’s the question of musical integrity- for instance, do you think the Beatles really wanted their jams mashed up with Wu Tang?

Despite this- mashups are an unavoidable phenomenon, and when two songs you’re sort of sick of appear together fused into some sort of sweet electronic harmony of sounds, it’s always a personal triumph.

So, for your listening pleasure….

Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers

Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers, a strange fusion of Beatles and Wu Tang, reminiscent of the Grey Album and Shaggy’s “Let It Be Me”. Grab the album, released early January, for free here.

Plus, for the Cure fans everywhere…

Not my favorite… but not so bad,,,